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Saturday, March 23, 2002:

One of the annoying things about shopping these days is that employees are rude, especially cashiers... just doing their job without enthusiasm and with an attitude of indifference towards you the customer. So it comes to me as quite surprising that I have found some of the nicest people working at gas stations. That may be unexpected to the unfair gas-station-employee image that most people possess. But at two particular gas stations in the city where I work, I have been pleasantly surprised to find myself interacting with friendly, talkative people who seem to have a genuine interest in me as an individual. I drive an hour each way every day because of the location of my place of employment, so I often find myself needing to fill up my car's tank, and because of these cashiers I always stop at those gas stations. At one is an elderly Jamaican gentleman, and at the other another older black gentleman, as well as a couple others (young people... they're nice too). I wonder why it is that the gas station people are the nice ones... maybe the fuel corporations decided that since their prices are so high they should plant nice employees in their stores to make people feel better.

On to another subject, though related to the above, I really miss going to church. My job is requiring me to work on Sundays, which is very unnatural, not only spiritually but with physical side effects too. I was talking to the girl working in the gas station tonight and she remarked "Isn't it a beautiful thing to work Saturday nights", referring to the fact that you know that when you close down, you will be turning in and looking forward to a day of rest... Sunday. I knew what she was talking about but unfortunately I can't feel that anymore right now, because I have to work Sundays, which happen to be the busiest day of the week at my store. I can't wait for Easter... the store is closed this Easter for the first time ever, thank God.

Paradoxical // 8:21 PM


Friday, March 22, 2002:

Anyone know where I can find a full listing of Interdisciplinary programs around the country?
Paradoxical // 3:50 PM


Fellow thinkers,

I am dismayed. Today, during a class session of world politics, my professor was going over Chinese culture and history with us. He continued into the lecture and then explained where the term "cow-towing" comes from. It was an ancient Chinese gesture of submission and obediance. First he told us how many bowings and prostrations it required, he then explained what prostrations are by coining the seemingly innocent term "girl push ups". Of course you readers out there know what he was talking about, as did I, but many of the class girls(clueless bimbos about real life, or those who've taken so many steroids that they actually do male push ups) were offended and insisted they didn't know what he was talking about. The professor, who had thought nothing of it til that time, suddenly realised he had overstepped the PC language barriers placed upon everyone in our day and hastily apologised for using such "regressive terminology". He tried to explain his reasoning for using the term and finally said "ok, I'll shut up now". Friends, THAT took the cake. Remember, this happened at what is deemed to be the most "conservative" college in my area.

The few real thinkers out there in our time are coerced to be silent, as this man was. None of you out there reading this should ever feel squelched though. Instead, make it embolden you to point to them saying "but what about Scripture and the 1st Amendment?" Indeed, this universal elitist push for linguistic fascism can only have sway over you if you let it. What do y'all say? Am I the only one outraged here? On a happier note, as I left, I reminded the professor about the first Amendment and that he had no need to fear fascism, and that I'd stand by him anytime he used "regressive" and horrible terms......such as "girl push ups". I hope I wouldn't stand alone.

Southern // 10:56 AM


Wednesday, March 20, 2002:

Eyes must like bananas;
I'm in the mood for an orange.

Precious // 2:18 PM


Time flies like an arrow;
Fruit flies like a banana.

Paradoxical // 12:37 PM


*makes a face*...This computer is being stupid. . . Sometimes it'll let me post, and other times it wont. What a pain...

Ok. We need a topic. :)

Precious // 11:40 AM


Monday, March 18, 2002:

So I think we have finally arrived. Okay, so we haven't "arrived," but surely this is a start. A few of the links are in the wrong places, but for the most part, it looks like we're in business. I am going to get some sleep.
Paradoxical // 9:52 PM


Sunday, March 17, 2002:

(the following posts are dedicated to those who enjoy exercising the little grey cells by thinking................*which excludes all bureaucrats and anyone in a national office, save Ron Paul* so if you're reading this and your residence is in DC just save yourself some time and stop right now)

To the last remnants of the thinking world.........I bid you greetings,

Let's try an experiment shall we? I'll say a word, and you tell me what the FIRST thing is that comes to your mind, ready? Okay. The word is "centralisation". Okay, got that mental picture immortalised in a glossy 6" x 8" for me? Good. Let me ask you another question, did that mental image have anything, anything at all, to do with politics, campaigning, legislation, government or anything in general that you might have covered in the Political Science building back in your college days? If you answered yes, then that says several profound things about you and the world you live in. The word "centralisation" is a hazy word in our day and age. Hardly anyone rightly understands it. Why is it that we have been conditioned to think of government when we hear that word? It is largely because those(non-thinkers) who understand the term LEAST are precisely the ones who enforce their bogus perceptions upon the rest of the Reformed Christian world.

Thomas Hobbes(a bachelour who lived in 17th century Puritan England) witnessed what happened when man attempts to centralise total power and control over a developing nation-state. The English Civil War, fought twixt the Cavaliers(loyalists) and the Roundheads(Puritans), was one of the bloodiest conflicts that England had ever seen. What started as a mere clash of ideals between King Charles I and Parliament though resulted in wholesale death . The deaths of tens of thousands of Englishmen, hundreds and thousands of foreign mercenaries(many from mainland Europe), the death of King Charles I, and the death to the monarchy, as Britain had known it til that time, all resulted from this power struggle. Caesar had tried to go where the Word of God forbade. Consequently, the Crown's actions had cut down nearly a whole generation of England's next leaders and left itself in ruin. Any other thinking individual would have said "serves a tyrant right for claiming that which belongs to Christ", yes, any THINKING individual. The late(but not late enough) Mr. Hobbes, however, looked at the carnage caused by this thirst for excessive power and concluded that the only way to prevent another similar disaster was.........for government to have even MORE power. Ingenious! Not only should England have consolidated and unrivaled power, but the entire world should enjoy the blessings of unlimited political centralisation. Yes, Hobbes was the first majour outspoken champion of a one world government philosophy. It was his ideas which were finally practised a century later, but not in England.

Twas the French who, after they'd disposed of their own monarch, established parties for total pagan authoritarian government based upon many ideals contained in Hobbes' book 'Leviathan'. The Jacobins(in particular) consolidated power, killed all political rivals, and then(by the same philosophy though under different leadership).........started taking their worldview of death to all of Europe. Napolean's men(with the cry of the Revolution on their lips & indoctrination of Hobbes in their heads) spread Statist worship over the old continent. Europe attempted(and still is attempting to this day) to 'put confidence in princes' as the Saviour for all their problems, which of course is what the Psalmist emphatically said NOT to do. This Statist philosophy then spread over the Atlantic Ocean in the 19th century. Revolutionaries preached their 'gospel' in our universities and warped much of Christianity in several regions of the American States. Eventually their disciples gained power in Washington and succeeded in centralising it at unprecedented levels. As a result, we can drop bombs and kill 4,000 Aghan civilians and other non combatants(1500 more than were killed during 9/11), pave the way for U.N. sanctions in every organised nation state in the world, leave our men and women in over 120 globally recognised countries, and do it ALL with a clear conscience........because centralisation(as it applies to government) they believe is the answer to man's every dilemma. Those pagans believe it as sure as we believe Jesus is the answer. They have to, since they've spurned the Christ, they must turn somewhere...........which leads us up to the present day.......*whew*.

We think of government when we hear the word "centralisation" because men who were born a few cents short of a full dollar(like Hobbes) cared enough for give him more problems than he had before. Thomas Hobbes is a great man to photo-copy and stick on your dart boards inside your room.(still too good though for a non Christian, and definitely all round non-thinker).

Southern // 8:50 PM


I can't wait until summer...
I'm just starting to get tired of rain. There hasn't been enough to be tired yet, but in a week, I know I will be.

Precious // 8:23 PM


Sometimes I think that it's rather sad that penguins aren't originally found in the US... it's a tragedy....

Precious // 8:13 PM


Wow. I'm here finally. This is so amazing.
Precious // 7:52 PM


Well, the Ides of March have left us, and tho it's still winter, it doesn't feel like it.

That's a good thing — Summer is welcome here.

Paradox // 7:16 PM


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